What we do is have fun exploring the myriad of tasks involved in bring about the magic of organic gardening through soil building (composting), chicken care (garden health system) and bee keeping (the pollinators), seed raising, planting and garden care with the rewards of harvesting and cooking health meals that are enjoyed together as it has been for thousands of years a healthy human experience.


Art in the garden is a creative way to explore the farm life, offering many opportunity to express yourself and walk away with something to show for it. We invite you to join us in the many professionally run programs and volunteer roles that are provided at the Byron Care Farm.

Our services are a meaningful way to enhance NDIS service provision, we work with service providers to add educational patways to organic farming and art on the farm.

Currently we work and partner with NDIS providers.

Below are our programs offered, email us to enquire:

Half Day organic gardening and Art program:
A good way to check it out and try your hand at gardening and art, have fun and take something home.
Full Day organic gardening and Art program:
Do one day or more full days and get a lot out of your time at the farm

12 Day / 1 Month Horticulture Program:
Get grounded in the operations of the farm, learning many skills and achieving great experiences
This program is developed to support individual learning styles compiled with practical experiences in gaining
knowledge and skills in organic farming, produce marketing, food sales.

36 Day / 3 Month Horticulture Program:
This is the full opportunity to develop skills not only in farming but to build business experience, assisted to take a
more in-depth approach in learning and skill development. We also explore linkages to more formal educational
experiences to go with your time on the farm.


Casual Visits:

We offer casual visits were an individual being supported can visit the farm for specific activities or as a place to hang

out and enjoy the Farm environment.   



A great way to stay healthy!

Gardening can have many health benefits for people with disabilities, and can provide a source of exercise, friendship, stimulation and relaxation. At Byron Care Farm we provide classes in container gardening that encourage  our participants to become capable growing their own plants. For people with disabilities, gardening may help to improve:

Communication and social skills – from being involved in groups and community activities


  • Fitness – gardening is a great physical activity

  • Confidence – gardening helps to develop a range of new skills

  • Wellbeing – gardening is a great way to relax and reduce stress levels

  • Physical ability – through improved motor skills

  • Nutrition – gardening provides an opportunity to learn about healthy food

  • Knowledge – it’s a chance to learn about the environment and nature

  • Enjoyment of life – gardening is a wonderful leisure activity where tasks and routines can be varied and shared.


Arts &


Stimulate the mind!

Enjoy decorating your pots, creating art for the garden and painting aspects of the Care Farm.

Activities include: 

  • Decorating pots

  • Garden art

  • Painting landscape

  • Painting still life




A great way to stay healthy!

Learn how honeybees thrive in the hive. Get the buzz on how, and why, they produce the honey that humans love.

Activities include: 

  • ​​Introduction to Bee Hive setup 

  • Bee Hive maintenance

  • Bee requirements

  • Collection of honey

  • Safety around bees


Our onsite beehives are managed by Ballina Honey and are located on our property away from our participant area.


Chicken Husbandry

Looking after the chickens

Some people think that caring for pet chickens is complicated. However, even novice chicken keepers will find that caring for your flock can be easy. Your pet chickens will have the same basic needs as any other animal or pet. There are some tasks that will need to be handled on a daily basis to ensure their health, but there are also some tasks that should be performed on a monthly, yearly and seasonal basis to keep your hens and their coop happy and healthy.

Activities include: 

  • Daily chicken care requirements

  • Cleaning and dusting

  • Collection of eggs

  • Feeding and watering the flock

  • Monthly chicken care tasks

  • Bi-Annual chicken care tasks

  • Seasonal chicken care tasks


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